pretty schmitty

photographer pia by me
shot for margin magazine's "on the margin" feature article

Now I really don't want to come across as a complete hater, but i swear to god if i see one more photo of a cute WASP girl with golden light, long grass and a vintage action applied on top i'm gonna fucking kill someone. Ladies what the fuck? Where's the art with strength, with conviction? Where's the work that has something to say?
To me this style of photography ( which is crazy popular with teenage girls on flickr) is no different to maxim or cosmo. It is all about beauty as the ultimate aspiration and the almighty reason to create. who cares if it has indie styling? it still takes the model back to the position of mannequin, they occupy the frame with there bow lips and big eyes, yet the images say nothing about the model. They are simply another pretty girl, slightly pubescent, awkwardly sexual, standing in boots in a feild. The images do not stand on their own, but are completely carried by the looks of the pretty model staring vacantly out of the image.
I will never be one to hate on models- it's a suckie job, the usually get treated like crap and most of them are, like, babies. But I don't agree with so many millions of images of cute girls, treating them like there beauty is reason enough to immortalize them in photo. Bailey doesn't shoot like this, neither did Avedon or that old perve Helmut Newton. They allowed there models to have character, strength, sexuality, anything rather than blandness.
The fact that a lot of these images are shot by teenage girls scares the crap out of me. Is this all they think is important enough to shoot? the fake lives the imagine for these pretty models in which they stand around in afternoon light? Imagine if their were an equal number of photos like this of male models, of course there never will be because male fashion is all about fucking and power, not about being weak and sweet. But for a generation who were to young for the riot grrl movement, it seems short pretty floral dresses and a strange obsession with what they think is "so frenchie" is what drives them. I'm not saying it's not nice to look at once in a while, but where is the rawness the spunk of youth? Where has that strength and fuck you attitude gone? These are the first young generation of people in history who can truly do whatever they want- rules have been destroyed they can express themselves so freely but instead keep romantcizing the 70's in every fucking shot?
A whole generation has been completely consumed by the beauty myth, be it the sluttiness of paris hilton or the indie sweetness of gemma ward. There are more important things in life than doe eyes and long hair ladies, have a look aound and you will find beauty in truth.

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