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I am finding myself questioning more and more the relevance of foreign correspondant style reportage in the internet age.
How much impact can a series on China, Cuba or Khazakstan have in a world of cheap flights, backpackers and tv? I am yet to see any photographer who does these Nat Geo type stories in a way that leaves me feeling anything other than " gee I want to go on a plane now" or " god war is shit". The emphasis on people is usually over shadowed by an emphasis on culture. I guess for me, someone who really thinks all humans are esentially the same, it can be kind of hard to swallow. None of them seem much more in depth than Edward Curtis but at least he had the excuse of colonial bullshit turning his earnest approach into something unsettlingly racist.

I wonder what the future is for this sort of work, when uncle bob from canberra can pay Intrepid 5 grand to get within an inch of a silverback's face in Rawanda and photograph it set on P with his 5d? The world is becoming a very small place and in the next 15 years photographers might really have to start turning the lens back onto themselves to create anything original.

It's really getting me thinking about this project documenting Australia's reality rather than an idealised beachy, tourism Australia, where the bloody hell are ya fused love peice.
Australia is such an incredible country, but I don't think the stoic patriotism I have for it will blind me. I am first generation born of immigrants, this country and all experiences of this place are my own. I want to create a series that can show Australia for all it's contrasts, beauty, ugliness, fairness and inequality and create work that will separate the myth from the reality.

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