the big time

A job I had on Tuesday seemed simple enough. A store opening event in the morning and a opening party at night. The PR company that rang me to do the job back in May was given a recommendation by someone at the Herald Sun. Pretty standard stuff.

The store was remarkable but not much else about the day really was. Don't get me wrong, the people were lovely and I enjoyed myself but event photography is always pretty standard. I processed the files, thanked everyone profusely and went home. I woke up Wed to my phone ringing, it was the PR company from the night before. 'Hi Morganna, it's Lizzie from last night. Hope your well. Listen the New York Times is writing a peice on the store and want your photos, could you send through some ASAP."
So that's how a very enjoyable but unremarkable job lead to my first byline in the New York Times. This is something I have fantasied about since I was 15.

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