Dark vs Light

I'm off to see the European masters show this week. This image " Ladies in Waiting" popped up at midnight on my TV the other night. The program was Art in Spain, a great documentary about the works created during Spain's golden age right through to the end of the inquisition. Looking at all the lush, dramatic paintings of figures coming out of the darkness got me more revved up than ever to shoot something real again. The thing that I love so much about Del Greco and Velasquez is that their imagery looks so utterly modern despite the age in which it was painted being such a dark time in the world's history. Maybe it's a spanish thing.
Anyway, the presenter deconstructed this image which revealed it's layers and for the first time made me understand why so many people think it is simply the most masterful piece ever painted. You kind of can't get that level of depth without darkness i think? Using black in imagery creates so much intrigue and forces the eye to try and focus on what it can't see.
On which note I'm now trying to buy out the world's supply of neopan 1600....

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