It's been a while

2 months and 13 days since I took a photo of something for myself. Because as fun and exciting as it is to have so much freelance work I am getting scared that it's becoming too easy to make excuses for why I'm not doing my own work. I've never, ever made anything a priority over my personal work but at the moment i'm finding it so hard to get the time to do anything. And I look through the last two months and I see a lot of pretty photos of very pretty girls and that's it. My paterson tank is gathering dust and my D76 is turning brown!. I hate feeling so unproductive but my new idea is taking longer than I thought to get off the ground. So I am going to ask the 3 people who read this blog ( hi mum) a favour.

Do you know anyone who is about to undergo drastic cosmetic surgery? If you do and think they might be interested in being part of a series by me could you drop me a line and i'll get in contact with them? I want to photograph them over 3 months- before, during and after surgery. My motivation is that the idea of cosmetic surgery scares the fuck out of me, yet so many women seem to want and have it done? i am particularily interested in how breast augmentation surgery affects feelings of femininity and self worth, and why so many people see it as a valid option over less drastic behaviour. Is the surgery worth the results?

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