I wish i was in Wales

Not words I ever thought I would write, but if I was I cold go to this.

The Upcoming Exhibition

"strangeland" by strange.rs

28 August - 3 October 2010

Opening Night Preview: Friday, 27 August from 7pm

Strangelands is a collaborative effort by the international photography collectivestrange.rsthat aims to meld geographically distinct images into one sweeping and dreamlike landscape. The end effect is a sometimes surreal, always surprising juxtaposition of artist, place and vision. More than a reflection on the blurring of boundaries through international means of communication, strangelands is a celebration of today's odd marriage between the local and the global, the hyper-specific and the triumphantly cosmopolitan.

Strange.rs brings together 22 photographers from major cities around the planet. The group is united less by a common aesthetic than by a certain quixotic vision of the world, one that seeks out the subtle strangeness hidden behind everyday reality.

"We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us -- how we can take it, what we do with it -- and that is what really counts in the end. How to take the raw stuff of life and make it a thing of worth and beauty -- that is the test of living."

--Joseph Fort Newton

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