After a crappy week of rejections I'm feeling oddly energized. Like it's ok if no one likes my work it's just time to jump up and start doing something new. Ain't nuttin gonna break my stride etc.
I ran into the beautiful Miso on a rare jaunt into the city the other day and it reminded me to have a look at some of the shots I took of her last year.

I also would recommend to any of you who are in Melbourne next week to visit the MGA to see Ponch Hawkes latest show

9 September 2010 to 24 October 2010

Dr Melissa Miles , lecturer in the Department of Theory of Art and Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University, writes of Hawkes' work:

Late at night a woman sweeps a footpath, her body rigid under the glare of the streetlight above. While she sweeps, she talks on a mobile phone. It seems urgent. Who is she talking to? Why does she look so anxious? Is it a trick of the light or is there something terribly wrong? Our days are filled with chance encounters like these – little glimpses into the lives of others that are seen out of the corner of the eye as we drive or walk by. For one reason or another, some of these moments capture our attention, and a rising sense of intrigue begins to excite our emotions. The photographs in this exhibition bring together a series of these banal yet arresting moments as experienced by the photographer, Ponch Hawkes.

In More seeing is not understanding, Ponch Hawkes reconstructs these scenes from memory, emulating the perspective of a chance encounter. The space between the viewer and the subject compounds the feeling of uncertainty and encourages us to fill in the gap and create our own narratives

image from Ponch HawkesMore seeing is not understanding

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