Trifecta of inadequacy

1. Going to a horrifically bad photography exhibition which was well received by the rest of the population. This is where my self doubt began this weekend.

2. Not calling a contact I've been given for my planned new series. I need to stop being such a giant wuss. Which has lead me to thinking about all the photos I never took though I had the opportunity and means but am, as previously mentioned, a big wuss.

3. Sitting on the Internet realising every photographer in the world is not only younger than me, but more talented. Betcha the 20 year old whose photographing for TIME doesn't sit on their butts trying to figure out where they went wrong. Its photography not philosophy Morganna. Less thinking more shooting. you wuss.

But on the bright side, my website is up- I realised I hadn't mentioned that on here as yet.


  1. Don't feel too bad about it - what you're describing is not so different from what almost anyone in a professional occupation who also has some aspirations feels at one time or another. You just need to get to a point where you can push through it and get on with what you want to do - I'm sure that will come eventually.

    Also, nice website. Has a great look and feel.

  2. Thanks Tim, your spot on it's up to me to push through it. I am just not good with the downtime I think!



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