Nearest and dearest

This is my uncle Jerry at the airport taken on a family trip. The idea of photographing those closest to you never really used to appeal to me. I guess when your a dumb 18 year old you can't see how interesting your own life can be and instead feel the need to run off to somewhere unknown and exotic. But with my work taking me to meet new people who are ready and ( generally) willing to be photographed, I'm really enjoying the challenge of photographing people I know. It can actually be a lot more unsettling than photographing a stranger- your ties to these people means you owe them a respect you don't usually afford to strangers. Finding that balance between taking a great photo and being sensitive to what's going on around you is frustrating but I think can only make me a better photographer in the end. I read a cute quote in a Diane Arbus biography that said she would photograph her family during meals insessantly when she first began to hone her technique and to get past her own inhibitions about being a photographer. I know I bang on a bit, but I do think as a photographer you have a duty to present what's in front of your camera with sensitivity and a degree of kindness towards what you are photographing. I hate that goddamn undergrad debate about whether or not photography is truth and couldn't care less if it is or not but I do think photography is powerful and that power of representation should be considered over personal gain.

This is the gospel according to Morg...

Has anyone here photographed with Portra 160 NC? I'm about to buy a bunch but am wondering how it handles low-ish light?

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