Perfect in my eyes

So I finally can let the world in on a secret. Tyler, the little boy who I have been photographing since he was 4, is now the subject of a novel written by his mother. The book chronicles the short time the family had before Tyler was diagnosed, details his treatment, recovery all the time giving an insight into how remarkable this 8 year old child really is. I was honoured to be asked to shoot the cover and inside sleeve images by Tyler's mother and we ended up with an image which was exactly what she had been dreaming of. Tyler was born with big hazel eyes, a product of his European ancestry. After he had his second eye removed he cheerfully requested his prosthetics to be the same colour as Thomas the tank engine, a concession the doctors were glad to make.
I am extremely proud of the image, proud to have shot my first book cover, but mostly proud to count Tyler and his whole family as friends.

The book will be go on sale in early November with pre ordering available from the Herald Sun website.


  1. This is fantastic!! Contgrats to everyone involved.

  2. This is a monumental achievement Lady M, so proud of you and i love your work.



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