tyler has his eyes cleaned in McDonalds 2010

tyler in the back of the car 2009

I've realised as I've gotten older that I do most things in my life at half throttle or less. My dad once said my motto was " why do today what you could put off till tomorrow" I think he meant it as a criticism to be motivational but I kind of shrugged and said " pretty much".
Some of the only things I always do properly, enthusiastically and with the uptmost care tend to be photography related. I am a perfectionist when I print, I love nothing more than having a big darkroom, three enlargers with three different images going at once. I do my dance, expose one, two, three, develop, stop, print wash. Although I haven't printed for a while my eyes usually adjust within an hour or so and I can read the print in the darkroom so I don't need to leave. It is pure photographer nerd bliss and the reason why I first decided to become a photographer. Of course silly me really didn't realise the digital age was on the horizon and the sort of romantic career I had envisioned was already in rigermortis. I started photography as a very awkward teenager who hated dealing with people even more than most teenagers do. I was studying art but never had the technical skill to paint but unfortunately had the critical eye to tell me I could not. So when I saw Man Ray it was a revelation - I could create work that looked like the pictures I had in my mind.
Now I work as a photographer and am lucky to do so in such a fantastic time. Night shoot of models on a dock with no flash? Thanks D3 that's no problem! Football training? Why don't mind if I do Mr Auto focus. But the ease with which I make my living makes me yearn again for a time when photography was all about hours spent in the darkroom and nothing else.

Anyway, today I cannot print but I can scan . I'm going through old negatives which luckily I am dilligent about filing and organising and seeing what I missed the first time around. I have always, always been rubbish at editing and this is becoming more apparent as I look through shots from old projects that I dismissed at the time. I am taking action to remedy this in the form of a mentorship and possibly a hugely excited trip overseas to study under the best in the business.
Until that time here are a few that I first ignored but am now slowly falling in love with.

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