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Oh lordie, what a crazy few weeks. Back at the paper working my arse off so much I have not looked at a documentary photo or thought about anything inspiring for three weeks. But I have set myself up for a new project that needs to be shot and exhibited before December- loving myself a deadline apparently.
Tomorrow I am working with one of the world's best photographers, and it's got me thinking about where my career is going. I love getting paid work as a photographer but I wonder sometimes if I will ever be able to shoot the what really interest me on a full time basis. And if the opportunity arose would I even want to?

A lot of my colleagues knew and worked with Rennie Ellis over the past 20 years. It seems not many people in the industry knew what ulterior motives Rennie had photographing all those parties. He was camouflaged as a party snapper, all air kisses and smiles, when in reality he was creating Australia's most important body of documentary work. He utilized the access given to him in a way few in the media do, taking what was a simple job and making it into a study of a side of Australian culture that to this day no one else has explored.
Tomorrow I have a freelance job shooting with one of the world's best photographers. I am going to make this job work for me, in true Ellis style.

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