masters don't need no social graces

Meeting David was an incredibly exciting experience. He is ledgend in the photography and pop culture world, and his persona definently didn't dissapoint.
I had someone ask me if he was "nice" at the event. To which I replied " he's David La Chappelle- he doesn't need to be nice."

David got his start in photography after a meeting with Andy Warhol at studio 54. He was a huge part of the mid 80's New York art scene, a time so steeped in myth for many young artists like myself. His images of celebrites have become a pivitol tool in the hollywood- ization of the western world. In short, he's kind of a big deal. He has an artists tempermant and doesn't seem to sufer fools. But he was gracious to all of his fans who turned up to be photographed by him, extremely funny, and genuinely appreciative of all the love he was recieving.
Although his work is about as far detached from the work I aspire to as possible, it was incredible to watch him work and gave me a huge amount of respect for the man who created a genre of photography.

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