you gotta have faith faith faith

I had a conversation this evening with an artist who I met a few years back. An illustrator, her command of her craft is enough to put on her the same level as the masters. And that is not an exaggeration. I studied art for long enough to know her draft-womanship is world class.
Despite being head and shoulders above most artists her age with her technical skill, she refuses to rest on her laurels. She searches to find the soul of the women she draws, she wants to get to the core of what beauty is with her drawings. As a result, everybody to whom I've shown her work will literally gasp at the images she creates.

Our conversations are too far between ( the product of our busy lives) but I remember the first time I met her we spoke about the logistical problems of being a creative woman (" I can't get my housework done, I never see my boyfriend, I'm not as successful as other people") The conversation has stuck in my mind for years- it was probably the first honest dialogue of that kind I had ever had with another woman, let alone someone I had just met. Tonight I visited her and we spoke again of the new fears we have that were once again so in sync it was uncanny. But above all, we spoke of the innate belief in ourselves we need to have to get through out own work. We may doubt ourselves, think our own work is too "kiddish and amateur" ( my phrase) or " decorative" ( hers) but we both know that even though it's a struggle to try and reach our dreams, it's something beyond our control. We have the hunger and it won't be satisfied. And I really feel like I'm OK with that for the first time in a few months. I think I've had enough comparing myself to other photographers for a while and I need to remember to create work I like first and foremost. Seeing such a talented woman ,who has all the same doubts as I do, pushing through the self doubt for no other reason than a need to create is about the most inspiring thing I have ever seen.

So my self confidence was then buoyed by an email alerting me to a feature on a new creative site

"Tough Titties is a family of creative, like-minded folk from many different backgrounds with an array of talents who can join forces, mix it up, collaborate, exchange thoughts, change the world...and maybe just show off a bit as well! " Nice

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