Saint Morganna

I was beyond chuffed to see this pop up today

The work comes with this explanation:

‘Saint Morganna’ Soft pastel, coloured pencil, white china graph, white gel, makeup.

She is inspired by a photograph taken by the talented photographer and good friend, Morganna Magee, and by my affection for rodents… ‘Saint Morganna’ cares for and loves all creatures, especially the rejected ones.

Saint Morganna has made her way over to Miami and will be a part of the following exhibition:

Feminalty Art Show
Miami’s Independent Thinkers | Art Basel 2010 Satellite Fair
Casa Wynwood 2135 NW 1st Court
Miami, FL

Umm wow. My love for Bec and her work is no secret but to see her take my photo and transform it is something else. Her Morganna looks more real than the model in the photo- as usual Bec has made work that transcends human beauty.

For anyone who hasn't seen it here's my photo

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