If a photo is taken and no one is around to upload it, did it really happen?

I promise I have been shooting a lot recently. Really I have. But a strange apathy has taken over my digital life. I am shooting film and enjoying prints but I have no desire to scan them. For commissioned work I am shooting with my d3 so all I would need to do is press a button and the pictures would be part if my digital footprint, but I don't wanna. I am kind of enjoying shooting for myself again and not worrying about what people on the interwebs think . You become kind of addicted to the praise that the internet affords you ( well I have at least). When you get an email from someone asking you how you do what it is you do so well, your heart swells with pride, you get a spring in your step. Then someone asks for an interview, why don't mind if I do, and someone else wants to blog your work. It's all so lovely and validating that i find myself sitting on my validated arse not doing very much other than enjoying anonymous praise. Then I look at myself and realise " Holy shit, I haven't taken a decent photo in months, what the hell have i been doing?"
That's always been my problem- I do not bring my camera everywhere I go and I have in the past few years found it just as gratifying to enjoy the decisive moment as to photograph it. I'm just not sort of photographer. But you have to keep in practice, you have to make sure your eye knows what it should be reacting too. And sometimes I can forget that I do love it, I love talking to strangers, I love composing a landscape. Hell I even like making googa noises trying to get twin 9 month old boys to look at me. But I don't love scanning, I don't love photoshop and I hate that sometimes a file is all that I get from my hard work. But I am loving getting back into the groove of taking photos and not caring why.
So for the moment, a break from usual programing.

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