I have been shooting for my new project and have realised I was spoilt by having the initial shoot.
This image of Nic and TJ was from that first shoot and it has become one of my favorites. The subsequent shoots have been going well, but have not resulted in the images I am aiming for. Which means plenty of reshoots with the women I have already shot and know before I travel around in February in an effort to make as many contacts interested in the project as I can before the workshop in March.
One of the things I have been thinking about a lot over the last few days in patience, about editing to make a stronger body of work and about waiting to show a series until it is truly ready. I spent time with Tyler over the holidays, more to hang out than deliberately take photos and I found myself taking much better shots than the ones I had exhibited. I don;t think I am a better photographer now but I do think I am always better when I stop trying as hard and just let it happen. Oh hindsight, fuck you.
I was tweaking the ol website over the holidays and it dawned on me how much more personal my work is becoming, how much I have changed from being a quiet observer. And I have to say this excites me more than a little.


  1. What kind of thing are you hoping for in your motherhood series? I'm quite curious, particularly since it's a subject close to home at the moment (with a 2.5 year old in the house and my wife is 8 months pregnant with baby #2).

  2. Hiya Tim,

    It's stil early days so I don't want to get too ahead of myself but the series will be portraits of mothers and children from all walks of life along with interviews. Each woman will be asked the same questions. The idea behind it springs from my own perceptions of motherhood, the ridiculous judgements the media places on mothers and my desire to have children. I guess the idea is that being a mum is the most universal thing in the world, but each experience is so different. Mothers who have disabled children, mothers who suffered post natal depression, career women who have become mums, teenage mums, gay mums, foster mums and mothers who have concieved through IVF along with women who have had a more traditional experience of motherhood. i've made some great contacts but am hoping to really get the ball rolling when i'm back from my workshop.

    So yes, that's the plan. I have a few very interesting people lined up to meet this month and fingers crossed I can get a grant to help my exhibit by late 2011.

  3. Sounds great. And, if you're after any further subjects I'd volunteer my wife, if you ever felt like a trip to Canberra or next time we're in Melbourne :-)



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