I think I need a diary

The call out for the National Portrait prize did come to my inbox I'm sure but I seemed to have let it pass me by. I go through stages of not wanting to enter anything for months but then always feel a lil ill when they announce winners. I have 3 competitions to enter before I leave on Thursday. As for the Portrait Prize next yearthat's it I'm entering for sure.....

Back to the finalists, i must say I am buoyed by the varied styles of photography represented. The heavily digitized imagery favoured by so many other competitions are far and few between, as are the post modern deadpan snapshots. The captions have taken some of the images from average to schmaltzy and somewhat bizarrely the Australian flag seems to feature in several images. As usual, the choice of winner will no doubt cause controversy ( I personally like it but would not have chosen it as the winner)

The two standouts for me
are Sommer Atkinson's Gone to Heaven, a horrifyingly touching image of parents holding their stillborn child.

image copyright Sommer Atkinson

And the always delightful Sean Fennessy 's beautiful image Father and son

Image copyright Sean Fennessy

I first saw Sean's work a few years back when we were both in Art and Australia's 25 under 25, and have watched his work since. He is one of the very few photographers who has a sweetness in his work, all of his photos are tinged with humour and humility all at once.

All the finalists works here

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