same but different

These two are from a recent shoot with Tyler. I am trying to fill in the gaps in my photo essay before I leave in 2 ( count em 2!!!) weeks.
It got me thinking I am so lucky to have the Fishlocks in my life, besides being great friends, besides me loving them all like family, I also have a certain safety net when it comes to my photos of Tyler because the story will never be finished for me. I have a feeling I'll be embarrassing Tyler on his first day of high school, his big dork aunt Morganna taking his photos when he's trying to be cool.

I know I can't become life long friends with everyone I photograph because some of the people I come in to contact with are at a stage of their journey that I can't be heavily involved with because it will destroy me emotionally. I am so grateful for the experience of meeting people and being welcomed into their lives with open arms, and when I can offer some kind of support or help in some way, life is good. But a photographer is not a life coach, and i think it's very naive to think you can swan into someones life and "fix" it while all the time taking photos. I like all the people I photograph, I care about them and if we stay in contact all the better. But the reason I have met them, become freinds a part of there life is because I am taking photos. Getting distracted from that doesn't help them or me.
Hence why I'm so psyched that my course is in Mexico and i will be shooting for 10 days straight- there is no way for me to wince around and try to be anything other than a photographer to appease my own guilt about photography

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