I have managed to make it all the way to LA with my film unscanned and my camera unbroken. I have had a strange few weeks and my feeling about the course have swung from disbelief to nerves so bad I wanted to cancel. My nerves aren't about travelling, trying to remember how to speak spanish, meeting other photographers who are no doubt better and more accomplished than I. My nerves are more about the feeling that after this course I will be a different photographer.
Working for a tabloid for so long, I have had to teach myself how to be a better documentary photographer. I have shown my work to many photographers in the hope that I'll get feedback but I usually just get polite accolades, or worse, silence. So knowing I am going to have an hour of Mary Ellen's time dedicated to critquing my work is just about as scary as it gets. Pushing myself this way makes me wish I could just be more comfortable in my mediocrity.
Anyways, i wont be shooting anything digitally so won't be uploading photos until I'm back. But until then here are some of the images on my hard drive that I think deserve an outing.

Al images copyright Morganna Magee

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