Oaxaca March 2011

All images copyright Morganna Magee.

These are a but a few images from the 35 rolls of film I shot over 8 days of photo taking in Oaxaca.

Nothing about the course fell short if being incredible but to have the chance to be taught by the best in the business is indescribable. Everything Mary Ellen taught me made my images stronger- I could see the difference in each days contact sheets and feel the difference when I took the photos. She sees something in everyones work, articulates it and builds on it. The conversations I had with her still feel like a dream- it's not often you get to meet your hero and have her focus on the work you do.
These photos may not the best I've ever taken and i know they won't be the best of what to come but I learnt so much when taking them that I can't help but feel proud.


  1. Fantastic. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

    You know though, the real trick of it will be what you do next to keep building on what you've learned and making sure you don't forget any of the lessons. That's not meant as a downer - I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce.

  2. Not a downer at all Tim it's very true. I know already that I am seeing differently after the course and know my photos will be stronger for it. But I also know I need to embrace the reasons I take photos to really create the best work I can. I cannot reccomend the course enough- it was truely life changing.



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