Federation Square

These are all some of the new photos I have taken in the weeks since I came home. I've got to say even 4 years after meeting him, even just scanning a photo of Tyler sends out some of his positivity and I can't help but smile when I look at them.

A few months back I recieved an email from the Strip Billboard Inc telling me about a new contest project they were running.

"Strip Billboard is a public art project which puts non commercial images into high profile public spaces.

For our second project which is in May this year Strip Billboard is presenting a series of 12 photo essays selected by a panel of Australia?s arts and journalism community. This is a fantastic opportunity for artists, photographers and the general public to have their photo essays displayed at the prominent Federation Square Big Screen in Melbourne."

I entered photos of the always amazing Tyler and am excited to say they were chosen for the first week of the program. I am not sure what time the photos will be shown during the day but when I find out I'll re - post for any melbourne peeps who want to come down.

"The exhibition will run over three weeks starting on the 1st of May with a loop of 4 artists presented each week. Your photo essay will be displayed in week one running from Sunday the 1st of May until Saturday the 7th of May."
Yay! I am heading down tonight to see if I can get a glimpse of Tyler 10 feet tall on the screen.

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