I had an interview yesterday with a local paper to publicize the Seafarers show. The reporter was a  teenage girl on work experience, very sweet and very professional.  She asked me some questions I have never been asked before, one of which being what do you try to achieve with your photography. Yeah.... I was at a bit of a loss with that question. Beyond writing wanky artist statements I've never really had to explain myself before. So I told her
I am interested in vulnerability, the person that I see when the facade falls down. I told her we all have a way we want to be perceived, but usually there are cracks in that act that I can see through. The camera allows me to try and capture these glimpses of who someone really is. I also told her, the more ordinary a person thinks they are, the more likely they will have an extraordinary story.
And in that line of thought I thought I would introduce Gwenda and Tamara who I have been photographing. I met them through work and instantly knew I had found two incredible people to photograph for my motherhood project.  Tamara is 23 years old and has Cerebral palsy. Her mother Gwenda, adopted her when she was aged 9. When I asked Gwenda why she chose to adopt a child who is so profoundly disabled she told me she " knew Tamara deserved to be loved" . 

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