Catch ups

I gotta say since I came back from Oaxaca I've been shooting kind of ravenously. There's a few reasons for it. First and foremost, the workshop was the most inspiring few days of my life and being around people who work the same way I do was pretty special. I've also started working with a different paper
which sends me on assignments that allow me to meet people with stories I want to photograph in depth. Meeting people under an official invitation has always been crucial to me, and this job allows me to make my initial contact that way, making it easier for me to come back and keep photographing. Plus the ol freelance work has been busy so I am cashed up enough to be able to take time to photograph my own work. In fact the only thing that is slowing me down is that I am dealing with a lot of organisations to get access to the people I want to photograph. Once again it will legitimize me so I am actually very happy to do it, but have found each organisation I have meetings with have one question I haven't quite figured out how to answer yet. " What will you do with the photos?'
yeeeeeeah. Kind of a buzzkill for me. I wish I could still hide behind being a student because saying "umm it's for my folio?" isn't quite cutting it anymore. I am emailing responses to people and having to retype them constantly as I realize how creepy I sound asking to follow these people's clients around to take photos that may end up being nothing more than negatives I store in my drawers forever.

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