Innit for the munee.


It's been 4 weeks since I've touched my film cameras. 4 weeks filled with fashion shoots, products, events and 15 hour days. I am grateful for the work, not only because I need money to, you know, eat and stuff, but also because it will fund my trip in October. But.... I am missing shooting for myself. I am looking at the two images above, once taken in April and the other only last month and getting scared I'll never take anymore like them. I have 4 days
with no paid work this week and they are going to be filled with phonecalls and emails, orgainsing shoots for old and new projects.  It'll be a lot of talking at first, then some meetings and hopefully after that I can just start taking photos again. And even though the last month has been physically exhausting and I feel spent,  I kind of can't wait to get back into it.

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