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I Am Eleven - trailer from I am Eleven on Vimeo.

I am lucky to count the incredible Gen Bailey as one of my pals. You know how when you know someone and they are super talented you can sometimes become complacent about there talent? Like you know they are great but your personal knowledge of them can cloud that and you just think of them as your freind who happens to have "mad skillz".
 Gen is one of the hardest working women I know, everytime I see her she is leaving the country in a few days or has just come back. When I saw the product of all those trips tonight in this trailer I was completely blown away. Because though she is the sweet Gen I know, she's also one helluva film maker and her feature film "I am eleven" looks simply incredible. I highly recommend anyone in Melbourne snaps up a ticket to her premiere at MIFF this year- it's the chance to see the debut that is going to launch this lady to the stars.

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