My freinds are talented

In keeping with the last post about the wonderful Gen Bailey film " I am eleven", I thought I'd mention my other brilliant freinds recent acheivements. Starting with the wonderful Phillip Wright. I was lucky enough to meet Phil in the workshop I took earlier this year in Oaxaca. Everyone was gathering in the lobby, meeting and greeting, and both of us pointed at eachother and said " Hey another Aussie!". Turns out that was not the only thing we have in common. Both melbournians, we realised as the workshop went on that we both favoured the same type of photography and shared a lot of the same views. Phil is a dedicated photographer with a poetic eye. The result is work that is beautiful and touching, a classical eye for composition mixed with his own kindness giving the photos a genuine sweetness that is rare in photography. He does not simply create a documentation of life- he celebrates it.
He has recently compiled some of this work in the blurb book above which I urge you to look through if you are feeling the need for some inspiration.

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