Copy cats

Every professional photographer should have a read of this article, but make sure you are not near any delicate objects as your anger may see you smashing them. Jay Maisel is a highly respected accomplished New York based photographer who had his copyright infringed upon when a man named Andy Baio used a manipulated version one of Jays most iconic images of Miles Davis on a remix album. He sorted our rights to use the music but not the photo and so Maisel sued and was awarded 30 odd thousand dollars. Cut and dry? Well no. Baio took to his blog to complain about the settlement and other bloggers 

reacted by creating a map the showed where Maisel's New York home is and encouraging people to go vandalise it. To find out more about what ensued read here, but as I said, be prepared to be pissed off. They harassed and defamed an 80 year old photographer for daring to defend his right to decide how HIS photo's are used. To have photos reproduced on the web is one thing- you really can't control it and as long as your name is at least credited I suppose you have to take it as flattering. But someone using your work commercially without even asking for your permission then trying to justify it as artistic interpretation? That is theft and I firmly believe as creatives protecting our "product" ( works) from plagiarism and copyright infringements is a right we should always fight for in order to keep control over the industry.

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