silly season

Every year I seem to wipe the memory of how crazy busy November and December are.  They are the month's where I am booked for the most work but also always seem to be the month's where I am running around like crazy trying to get a show finished.
Well 2011 is no exception. My motherhood series is coming to an end after I began working on it a year ago. I'm still shooting the project and everyday I hear about more women with incredible stories that need to be told. The prints will be shown along with a short series of questions I asked each woman about her own experiences being a mother. I have to say in all honesty, this is the first time I have had nothing but excitement at the thought of showing my work. Maybe it's because this is the first show I have had that is not linked to any one's expectations but I am happy with all the images  and even though I still have work to do, cannot wait for the opening party.
That being said I still have two month's for the old neurosis to kick back in but hopefully the leads I have at the moment will all pan out and I will end up with show I am proud of.
 Melbourne peeps- Feb 7th 5-7pm at 45 downstairs- lock it in!!

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