back that thing up

Backing up a hard drive always give me the chance to rediscover some old shots I had forgotten about. Like this one- an outtake from a magazine commission. Sometimes you just gotta love a shot of a beautful girl.
not sure I have much else to say other than I'm super happy that my images made it so far in such a big award. I just wish the cermony had been in October and that way I could have gatecrashed the party! Collection of images here along with full list of winners here

Copy cats

Every professional photographer should have a read of this article, but make sure you are not near any delicate objects as your anger may see you smashing them. Jay Maisel is a highly respected accomplished New York based photographer who had his copyright infringed upon when a man named Andy Baio used a manipulated version one of Jays most iconic images of Miles Davis on a remix album. He sorted our rights to use the music but not the photo and so Maisel sued and was awarded 30 odd thousand dollars. Cut and dry? Well no. Baio took to his blog to complain about the settlement and other bloggers 


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