Bye bye 2011

I'm kind of sad to see 2011 go. I had no idea this time 12 months ago that I was entering the time that was to be the best in my 28 years.  The workshop
in Oaxaca was life changing and beyond my wildest dreams. It has resulted in friendships I know I will keep for the rest of my life.
The course was like an adrenalin hit straight to my broken heart following 2010. It invigorated me, reminded me of what's important, and brought my relentless appetite for telling stories back. Following the workshop the business part of my life picked up, I gained new clients and worked steadily all year.
I finished my project with the Mission to Seafarers and started to think about what my photography can mean to organisations.
Which lead me to New York, the city of dreams. I got to spend time with kindred spirits and intern at Falkland Road studios which allowed me to get up close and personal with the images I have spent my life admiring. Had I interned in 2010, looking at such brilliant images every day would have left me wondering what the point was in my work. But combined with everything, seeing the work just made me more determined to learn and more grateful for the advice I am given.

Now I see in 2012 with 2 new shows, fresh ideas and the words of advice I have been given following me like a shadow. I will work hard to make the people who have given it to me proud, and am excited to see where the year takes me

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  1. Morganna the words and photographs above are truly inspirational. Anyone feeling down or having a bad hair day should just take time out to read and consider what you say here. Anything - even really bad shit - can be turned around with a tweak of the old attitude. And there is a real, reinvigorated confidence in these photographs.

    No need to miss 2011 too much - 2012 is going to be even better! Onwards and Upwards!



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