The big issue

I am chuffed to have my photos and words featured in the 400th edition of The big Issue magazine. I  spoke with the editor about keeping a diary of my time in Oaxaca last year and the article has evolved into a chance to talk about what it was like to meet someone I always considered a hero and what it that relationship has done for my work. When the art director contacted me asking for 4 images I was worried- spreads in the big issue usually mean 6 images at least. But when I recieved the magazine and saw the full page treatment the images were given, well, I was pretty damn happy.
The magazine is onsale now.


  1. I bought this today just to see your spread. The full page featured photo is my favourite from your motherhood series - not for any other reason except that it's an exceptional image.

  2. Thank you Tim, I could not be happier with the way the spread came out and the subsequent response to my work. The Big Issue is really one of the only magazines left that gives photographers and oppurtunity to showcase their work so I am very grateful to be included.

  3. Nice work Morganna! I need to get a hold of this issue if I can - I'm keen to read that article and find out more about your time in Oaxaca.



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