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This last week has been pretty much as perfect as it gets for me. I shot the
freshbaked kids summer campaign early in the week. I don't talk about my paid work much on this blog but this time of year is when it all starts to slow down for me so I am glad to have had such a fun client ( and adorable models) to end my summer apparel season shoots.

The rest of my week was taken up with show prep, visiting my printer to see the first of my prints, panicking that my shots were out of focus, seeing my prints finalized and looking wonderful, shooting John at the Collingwood children's farm, and visiting Katie and Jaylen. I also did my first radio interview
 ( eiikk!!) an a couple of newspaper interviews to publicize my show. I get a soundbyte of the interview next week so if anyone cares leave a comments and I can post it on the blog.

Katie continues to astound me with how well she copes with Jaylen's illness. Jaylen has spent every single day of his 14 months of life in hospital, with plenty of surgeries to break up the monotony. I will post Katie's answers to the Motherhood questions once the show has opened, but suffice to say she has had a unique and heartbreaking experience of being a mother.

Turns out John is a cat person like me. We were walking a few weeks ago when a little ginger megg stray caught my eye and I called her over. She came bounding over for a pat and to my suprise, John swooped her up in his arms and petted her laughing and smiling tenderly. Of course I had run out of film in my camera so I had to be content to just watch that moment rather than record it. When I asked him about it John told me he adores cats and horses ( just as I do) so I have been on a mission to get him near another cat to photograph him. This little farm cat started off sizing him up but once I picked her up for a cuddle, she reached over to John and sat in his arms purring just long enough for me to take some shots.

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