pat and alex

Just two images of my favorite fellas. Real life has decided to rear it's ugly head the last few weeks
( I'd been ignoring it for a while so thought it might just disappear) but sadly not the case. The more I have to deal with grown up problems, the more I have been looking longingly at my undeveloped films, my scanner and the more my dark bag beckons me to do something about it. I am undertaking a big project starting next week and I have all the nerves and anxiety that come with it. I'll be posting the first few shots in the next coming weeks but in the meantime have these shots of Pat and Alex to keep me company.


  1. Dear Morganna, Just wanted to say hello, wow and congratulations. I read your great article in The Big Issue. You take such real, emotive portraits. I think you are beautiful for looking deep into other people's lives to show their beauty through their challenges. All the best.

  2. Thankyou so much- I had a look through your blog and I think what you do is pretty remarkable too.



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