It's all gravy baby.

A couple more from my shoots with Katie and Jaylen. I had hoped to spend a full 5 days with them this week but sadly my "real" job saw me flat out an unable to go to the hospital.
When I was photographing Tyler I was working full time, desperately unhappy at my job, and also caring for my Dad. It was so hard to try to juggle everything that when I left full time work I made a vow to never put the things that are most important to me last again.  It's so hard to focus on projects, relationships, friendships, having a house that isn't a tip, spending time with my cat, working to tight deadlines for clients, whilst still saying yes to more work because you are so scared it might all dry up eventually. 
There was a very strong reaction to the photos I put up in the last post, I had people contacting me almost as soon as the post was up to ask me about Katie, about the photos. Amongst them I had a dear friend ask if I was ok being around a family who is dealing with the worst, asking about whether or not I was coping. I guess being around Katie is a constant reminder that all my juggling means so little in the scheme of things, that life is so fragile and you have to fight for what matters to you. Katie is such a special woman and as odd as it sounds, I know we both really enjoy each others company even under the extreme circumstances that lead to it. 

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