New work

I had a few days straight of shooting Katie this week which was in some ways great and in some ways not so great. Great that I can see her defences coming down the more time we spend together, but not so great as I gain a deeper understanding of just how hard her situation really is. One week ago they thought Jaylen was due to come home, he had made remarkable progress and it seemed his 16 month long stint in hospital was coming to an end. Then his health took a turn and he became so ill he regressed to a point where he went a full week without having food in his stomach in an effort to clear the obstruction ( Jaylen receives all of his nutrition from a drip). Katie again suffered the high of thinking the nightmare was over to have it crash down into reality that home life is still a while away for her.
  He is having surgery next week and I am hoping I can be there to comfort Katie more than anything.


  1. Morganni, this is absolutely incredible!!! I can tell you've been working so hard, your photographs are just AMAZING!!!! big kiss!

    1. ah Ari! thankyou! You know it means a lot coming from someone as talented as you xx



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