showing off

Two of my images from my motherhood series are on their way to NSW to be exhibited in the Hearts for Healing group show "Capturing and Creating Realities" opening May 11 at  GALLERY LANE, Leura, Blue Mountains. The show is running in conjunction with the Head on festival.

Speaking of, I am a finalist in the Headon portrait prize this year with my portrait of Luis and Angelique.

This image is my favorite from my 10+ years as a photographer. Three days into the workshop and I had been photographing in the school all day, getting some super hammy shots of Luis playing with his ball. I left at lunchtime to go to my daily appointment with Mary Ellen where she would edit students work. Looking through the contact sheets of images I had taken the day before she told me " look for moments, and to take control". I went back to the school that afternoon with her words ringing in my ears, I told Luis I could play with him but I was here to take photos too and he needed to let me. 
Almost instantly I went from being a play friend to being an observer- he stopped throwing the ball to me and another child grabbed it out of his arms. He stood in one spot, looking so sad that Angelique grabbed the ball back and brought it back to him, stopping to embrace him.

I remember running to the lab in Oaxaca to see if the image had turned out the way I had hoped it has when the shutter opened. It was the first time I had seen a photo I had taken and thought to myself " this can't be, I am not capable of taking a shot like this". Then I showed Mary Ellen and she loved it too, singling it out on the contact sheet.

This image reminds me of the magic of Oaxaca and to always, always, look out for moments. The photo will be exhibited as part of the portrait prize


  1. Congrats on the HeadOn shortlisting Morganna! Ace work - that picture is excellent. Best of luck with the exh opening.

  2. To be so "in the zone" to see this moment and yet to still have the presence of mind to let the frame catch the heart at the edge - this is exquisite work!

    Best of luck for the exhibit, and for the prize!



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