Last week was a bit crazy for me. I unexpectedly had some shots in the PMA expo in Melbourne.  It's a huge trade show that I had never been to before but someone dropped out of the mini gallery they were displaying and I was lucky enough to fill the spot. Then our Wintringham show " A Place for Us" opened on Thursday and I have been on a high ever since.  I can't really describe the feeling of seeing people who are so used to being invisible be celebrated. I think it might be the highlight of my career so far.
On thursday night I wrote an email to my collaborators Phil and Alan trying to thank them for being part of a project that mean so much to me. 

"Today was one of those days that makes me happy to be a photographer.
It's funny, photography is so much about taking isn't it? This whole
project has, for me, been a great way to get to know people but also
let me take some photos I really loved. By having a show like we did
today though, I feel I got to give back a little to the people who've
given me such great shots.

Seeing Joseph beaming, socialising is going to be a lasting image I
have of this project. Also watching both Rudi and Harold looking
petrified at seeing such a big group of people, change into huge
smiles of pride within a few minutes. Lisa getting into a sing-a-long
with Catherine's husband, Dennis warming up and checking out the room,
Mark showing everyone his new drawings, Betty charming the press
photographers, Alex being adored by everyone in the room and of course
our two John's looking like proud peacocks strutting around the room.

Somehow, just by taking photos, I think we really managed to make
everyone feel special today and that's all I ever wanted."

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