A few weeks back I was interviewed by the amazing Laure from the Aloud blog. Aloud profiles creative women "The blog Aloud. was created to shine a light on women who have taken action to live the life they want, with some risks, maybe a bit  of fear but no excuses and great rewards.

Through individual features, we will promote the work and life of strong, determined, intelligent and inspiring women who have the courage to dream Aloud. We hope that with time, luck and hard work, Aloud. will become a wide network showcasing the talent of individuals in the fields of Art, Architecture, Fashion, Design, Photography, Gastronomy and many others."
The chat I had with Laure was one of the nicest I've had in a long time. We got into some deep issues ( as I love to do) but also managed to have a good giggle. Please have a look at the interview and also the backlog of fantastic profiles.

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