I'm super fortunate to be part of MAP group. If you have a look through the website and see both the calibre of work and the names of the photographers you will know why I say I'm so fortunate. Everyone in MAP has a passion for documentary photography, some do it professionally, others use commercial work to fund personal projects. The group works as a collective, choosing both long and short term projects to work on together. One of these projects is to document the small Victorian coastal town of Wonthaggi. We kind of descended on the town and then split up to photograph aspects of the town that interest us. Me? well I headed straight to the skate park to see what the teens of Wonthaggi get up to. The kids were great letting me photograph them and recruiting friends for me to photograph. These teens have some stories and I''ll be heading back to Wonthaggi in the next few weeks to shoot some more.

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