2012 or it's rehash time!

Nearing the end of the year and I am reminded of something said to me when I was a teenager. "Morganna, the older you get the faster the years fly by" I'm sure at the time I just scowled and went back to listening to Hole on my discman but turns out it was true.

Catching up witha brilliant friend we were trying to figure out why the last few months of this year have been either a bit un exciting or just plain old shit for so many of us. Maybe it's because the start of this year was so eventful? I have to keep reminding myself I had a solo ( motherhood) and group show (Wintringham) within 3 months of each other. Re- reading this blog from start to finish I realised how many posts began with me complaining about not having time/inspiration to shoot for myself. Which given the sheer number of photos I have shot this year seems out of whack.

More commercial work has come my way this year and hopefully 2013 will see some big changes in the way that  I work. I need to start moving towards doing more of the work that I love and try not to say yes to everything that comes my way. 2013 follows the past 3 years of change for me that started after my Dad died. Everything has been building to it so I know by this time next year I will have a very different post to write.

And for anyone that can't see how much a difference a year can make- the first photo here was taken exactly a year apart from the rest- the first day I met Katie when Jaylen was critical, to Jaylen, strong and healthy, having his weekly TPN.

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