Taking the time this Sunday afternoon to sit down and get my shit sorted. In the last month I have moved house, the 7th time in 6 years, and hopefully the last for a very long time. Part of this move meant all the negatives I have had stored away for years are now with me in my office. Boxes of images that might be undiscovered masterpieces but are most likely crap, dating back to high school.

 I've been feeling very unproductive in the last week, lots of commercial work, little time for documentary work which makes prime conditions for my neurosis to fester. So sitting here, surrounded by over 10 years work, I feel a bit better even when looking at the truly terrible work I handed in for my VCE studio arts final. ( HD's  mind you, thank you very much)

I got a very sweet message from someone I hadn't seen since high school saying they remembered me always being in the darkroom though school so they are not surprised to see it became my career. It was  nice to be reminded of that ridiculous 16 year old, more rapt in in filters and ilford fibre based paper then socializing like a normal kid. Hard work does eventually pay off.

Also- I really, really want to go back to Oaxaca in 2013- that's my resolution/ xmas wish.

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