My friends are talented part 3

I met some pretty great people while working for the paper. A lot of us were in our early 20's in the more creative section of the company. We were all hard working, talented, and never, ever going to get anywhere working for a tabloid. 
Gav was one of these friends. He had his own comic strip
that ran once a week in print which would have been a big enough accolade for a lot of other comic artists ( sadly not an industry where people knock on your door begging to publish you) But Gav had a bigger destiny to fulfill than a 9-5 would let him have so he quit his job, sold his house, and started zen pencils.  That idea he nervously told me about over dodgy thai food over a year ago has now become a blog followed by over over half a million visitors a month. Here are some portraits of the man behind drawings.

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