The random cruelty of cancer is something that has been on my mind a lot this week

Mark is one of the teenagers I photographed in Wonthaggi late last year as part of a MAP group project. He and his friends were great to photograph- funny and open to me creeping around with my camera all day. I went back once again, took some more shots and thought that would be it - Mark was graduating from high school which meant leaving Wonthaggi which I assumed would be the end of my photographing him.

In November last year Mark messaged me to say he couldn't help out with more photos as he had just been diagnosed with Leukaemia and had moved to Melbourne for treatment. Hearing that a super fit 17 year old that I had seen a few weeks before was so sick floored me, Mark had literally been the picture of health when I photographed him. 

Last week my nagging finally got the better of him and he let me come visit. He is undergoing Chemo but has responded so well to the treatment the doctors are expecting a full recovery. 

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