Things have gotten a bit serious in 2013 culiminating in Jaylen's surgery next week. After that I leave for Oaxaca to again attend Mary Ellen Mark's workshop which is going to be amazing but very likely heart wrenching. So what's a girl to do but head out to the Ottways forrest on a Saturday morning and photograph Live action role players involved in Sword Craft. So much fun, I ran around all morning like a completely overstimulated puppy pouncing on people to photograph. Much like when I went to Wonthaggi last year it is great to be reminded that sometimes you don't have to go in too deep, just take interesting photos.  


  1. These are awesome Morganna, and such fun! Hooray for people who are so unself-conscious that they can live out their fantasies like this! Even with a crazy with a camera around!

    Please pass on our best wishes to Katie and Jaylen for next week's surgery. We'll be thinking of them. That photo a couple of posts ago with them both laughing is just so wonderful.

    And the workshop in Mexico will be amazing - no heart-wrenching, nothing other than incredible times and wonderful company, something to remember dearly for ever.

  2. These look awesome. Although I was wondering when the rest will be available?

    1. Hi there,

      Perfect timing, i've been trying to decipher the email addresses over the last few days to send all the images out but can't make out everyones.

      If i photographed you could you please email me with your name on and i'll send your image to you? And if you could let any fellow Quest-odians who haven't received an email from me i'll get them out this week.




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