crazy cat lady

As anyone who knows me personally or follows me on instagram knows- I love cats. My earliest childhood memory is of playing with our family cat, I have always had a cat and routinely am late getting places because I stopped to play with one in the street. Cat's are even on my family crest- if I have a spirit animal it is definitely feline.  I love all animals, and in fact I only dreamed of becoming a photographer in primary school in the hopes of becoming a wildlife photographer. But cats are special- I love that you have to work for their affections, they have distinct personalities in a way that not a lot of other animals do. On the first day of shooting in Oaxaca the Diaz girls had school in the morning so I was sent to a free animal de-sexing clinic. Cats are not loved in Mexico, a friend telling me that the Aztec's always had dogs solidifying the nations canine loyalty. But I managed to find a few cat lovers ( all men oddly enough) who let me photograph their cats as they were anaesthetised. So now I have some gatos to add to my already large folio of cat shots.

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