Photographing what you love/what interests you

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The little girl in the two photos above is Mimi, one of the kids from the Oaxacan orphanage I photographed at. Mimi was my type of lil lady,
she didn't give smiles away easily, looked you in the eye and rough housed with the boys. She wasn't big on cuddles but did lead me around by my hand when she wanted me to see something. But you wouldn't be able to tell any of this from my photos. She just looks like a cute ( albeit very cute) little girl.

Jesus is the chubby little boy on the scooter in both shots. Anyone who follows my instagram will know about him, he was everything you want a toddler to be. He greeted me at the gate every morning with a big smile and would offer me whatever he had in his hands. He would giggle and play all day long and occasionally I would look down when I was shooting and he would be hugging my legs and looking up at my 5"10 self with a smile. I found out on the last day of shooting that he had been the victim of unspeakable abuse when he was a newborn and the scars on his fat lil legs were not from rough and tumble like I had assumed. Yet again my photos of him don't say this- they say cute lil baby that smiles.

It's an interesting thing, photographing an experience versus photographing what is physically in front of you. I questioned my abilities a lot this trip, telling my classmates that I might juts be a gimmick photographer, that unless the person in front of me is exceptional in some obvious way my photos can actually be quite crap. But I think I am ok with that, I've never been the sort of photographer to stop and capture a moment on the street or an amazing landscape. I'll just look at it and move on. The longer I do this, I realize my interest is people just as much as photography, I like telling stories more than making pictures.

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