Ballarat workshop

All shots of the classroom taken by the lovely  Ajit Narsi

In one of those "kick me I cannot believe my luck" moments I was invited to run a workshop at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in conjunction with the Foto Bienalle. 8 students from Pheonix College in Sabastapol were selected for the two day workshop which focused on the Photo Essay and documenting your environment. On the first day after a presentation from me, the students split up into groups and set out to photograph a story about Ballarat in an hour using the equivalent of one roll of film's worth of shots. The results were fantastic, the confidence these students have was really wonderful to see and almost all of them approached strangers to shoot. That evening they were set the task of creating a photo essay at home showing a narrative within their own environment. The work was edited down to 10 shots with my and the school teachers help with the final results being some strong, insightful work. Below you will find one image from each student that stood out in each series. Note the final image of a man one of the students approached on the street named Lindsey- her shot is much better than mine at the start of this post.

class photo

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