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This post is a bit stream of consiousness-y so feel free to skip if like me you don't got to photographers blogs to read their crap but look at their photos
I've been thinking a lot about the role photography has come to play in my life lately. Not about me being a photographer really but about what I view photography as. Two things has spurred this on- one my friend coming and seeing the photos I have ready to hang at the group show I'm in this week. I thought my selection of photos was actually pretty tame compared to what I would usually show
 ( which was deliberate as I want these photos to sell). Anyways, he looked at all of them and picked his two favourite and when I asked why he didn't like the others he said " they make me sad".  For me that's what I like about them, I like to feel something when I look at a photo so was kind of shocked to hear it.

The other factor is that I am tying the knot next year and was met with perplexed looks when I said I wasn't too fussed about having a photographer. Almost everyone said to me " the photos are the most important thing, they are your memories of the day" which I silently disagreed with as I'm pretty sure my memories will be in my brain not on a piece of photographic paper. I now have a brilliant friend agree to shoot for me but is under strict instructions to shoot 3 hours and then enjoy her night. I don't feel like I need 40 photos of me standing in a field with my dress on to make the day amazing. ( or to make my marriage amazing but that's a different rant)

I am not a rabid documenter of my life, in fact now I am out of my 20's I can't believe how little photographic evidence I have of events and phases in my life ( probably a good thing) I don't like to be photographed, to me photography is used to tell a story about something important the audience might not see otherwise. The act of taking the photo, where I am, who I'm with, is just as important as the photo itself. If I don't care about it it feels like work and that's not a good things for me.I've started selling prints like that, taken for travels when I was younger, and am suprised at how well they sell when most people are far more interested in my documentary work even if they don't want to look at it every day on their wall. And to me, pretty photos are just decoration, akin to a print you might by at Ikea. Yeah they match your bedspread but beyond that why would you want to look at them?

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