A love letter

warning- wordy post
This week I have been overwhelmed by the experiences photography brings into my life. I'm not talking about the flash parties or famous people I sometimes meet for work, I mean the relationships I am able to form simply because I asked if I could take someones photo.
I sit in the most intimate, heartbreaking moments of a families life and I am only invited by way of my camera, it was the key that unlocked people's lives for me. I find myself at once completely under qualified as a human being to help and at the same time knowing that this is where I need to be.

I was interviewed this week and that question of a "healthy distance" came up again, just like it did when Eamo interviewed me.  There is no such thing to me- you want to get into people's lives with your camera then you are in it- for better or for worse and you better treat it as the privilege that it is.

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